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If you are looking for a full energy spa and spiritual cleansing, look no further than the Vortexes of Sedona. Must span three years during the winter for the full effects of the energy vortex to seep into your psychic bones.  The itinerary will be completed as follows: 


Year 1:  Start with a moonlit night hike through Boyton Canyon, slipping and falling on the ice while gazing at nature's ice sculptures formed by pure snowmelt dripping drop by drop on to tree branches.  The energy will become more intense the further you hike into the canyon.  Yellow leaves will rustle and hover still as crusted snow crunches beneath your feet.  It will get too cold and slippery for you to continue.  You will set up camp next to a creek with the ground frozen solid and the whole area all to yourself and your companion.  Throw an exorbitant amount of pine needles to get a fire started. 

Year 2:  Start in from Flagstaff and get snowed in before reaching Sedona. The trains will stop running due to heavy snowfall with thick wet flakes.  Take a walk through the town, peruse the bookshops and cook a nice meal of potato and corn soup at the hostel before setting off the next day weather permitting.   Somehow, the snow will not die down until late afternoon, and your hike will be delayed. 

Year 3:  This time coming from the south, weather is extremely mild, and there is barely any snow on the ground, you will complete the hike, and just as you end your trek,  a man will be summoned upon completion and bestow words of wisdom learned from his native Tasmania.  Be sure to have a celebratory meal on the top of airport mesa vortex before leaving. 

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