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Everything must go!

Take a trip down memory lane into the heartland of America.  Fill yourself with a nostalgic childhood of annual snowball fights; a school bus driver who gives away bags of free candy.  The good old days where things were simpler, homogenous, dairy cows, and cornfields stretching from horizon to horizon. You remember your first pet rabbit won at a county fair. Marvel at the state of stagnation when you revisit that childhood more than two decades later.  From cul-de-sacs filled with empty houses due to foreclosure to a Walmart never seen before.  You find out the dairy farm was made into a museum .  A local asks you, "Where are you from?", you reply " I grew up around here, but moved away when I was ten"  She says, "Then that doesn't count. You're not from here "  This is a place where everything must go.

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