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Welcome to the crowded hustle of Shangri-LA.  Where all things exotic and familiar come together as one, enjoy your Christmas shopping with Peking Opera Santa, in full makeup glory. Take a super vacation with your heart hanging from your neck, ride on a sheep caravan for a photo opportunity. Drink rose-flavored mustard gas white wine with the local ethnic minorities on a Yak.  Eat mystery meat on a stick off the street with a hot steamy bowl of something.  Shout with glee on a sled as you slide down the buddha statue slide from the top of the mountain temple. Your guide will come to pick you up at the bottom of the mountain with a flag.  She explains the rural livelihood of ordinary peasants from 2nd-century bc while busing to a silkworm factory selling silk duvet covers, Life Everlasting Pearl Cream, and jade. Feel like a cultured elitist as you taste the dried fragrant handpicked bitter, smokey, fruity, Oakey, flowery teas from expert tea pouring connoisseurs,  boasting the elegance of each new brew.  For a quiet respite, feed the koi fish frenzy in a carefully manicured rock garden.  All good things come in multi-colored packages.

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