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Human Garbage, Hidden Gems

A Meditation Safari

 Need a getaway with little free time or funds? Look no further than an alternate reality sitting right in front of you (no VR goggles needed!). A free rainforest awaits you. Close your eyes and feel bits of cold mist on your face, it could be with the misters in the vegetable section at your local grocery store, you standing in line at the zoo, or your neighbors hosing down the driveway spewing droplets in your direction. Breathe from your belly, expanding on inhale, contract your navel to your spine on exhale. What’s that smell? Is it the wet grass or the eucalyptus oil spread by the fingers of a yoga instructor? Is that rotten fish smell the dumpster in the alleyway or a muddy Amazonian lake? Open your eyes. Notice what is in your periphery but don’t turn to see what it is.  An oblong bunch of color emerges.  Toucans or a flock of Macaws are feeding on clay early in the morning.  There’s something shiny and rare on the ground. You stay quiet and still waiting in anticipation.

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