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Belize is significantly more than just a blue hole. Impressions will morph like the tide before you even realize. The best time to go is right after a hurricane, on a Caye that was saved due to lady fate taking a detour. Visit the dusty quaint town of Dangriga, learn Garifuna, the local west African language in addition to Creole.   Bored Chinese transplants inhabit shops that sell hardware while they watch their favorite soap operas.   Frazzled wide-eyed missionaries will greet you with their ten children and bestow words of wisdom and recommend the best place to find an American Pizza. Mary Sharp hot sauce is the condiment of choice to go with your fried chicken and coconut rice. Conch shells lie in piles as far as the eye can see on the Caribbean horizon. Take a terrifying night snorkel with gear that leaks while sharks feed and mini squids that weaponize squirt ink.  End the night with a stroll on the docks where spotted eagle rays will flap around feeding on the small animals in the dimly lit surface, you will feel as if in a dream. Follow a guide who has a machete in his mouth crossing a river into the ATM caves to find treasures of the Mayan civilization.  Evidence of sacrificial ceremonies are made known from hundreds of ethereal sparkly human bones littered on the floor of the cave; imagine yourself as Mayan royalty plunging an obsidian knife into your sacrifice to save your people from drought.  Your vision quest has ended and it's time to go home.

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