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Having a quarter, mid, or just any crisis in your life?  Travel to Anacapa and delve into a rich tapestry of self-imposed isolation.  Anacapa, named after the Chumash word for ‘mirage’  is the only island in Channel Islands National Park that does not have a Spanish name.   It is a beautiful site to visit the Western Gulls who nest on the island. Embark on a 3-day 2-night camping trip on Anacapa Island, part of the Channel Islands National Park off of the coast of southern California; considered the Galapagos of North America.  A hermit by the name of Frenchie once resided there for over 20 years, trading with local fishermen for food and supplies self-exiling himself from civilization only a few miles away from the continental coast of southern California.  Limited accidental wifi reception and brand new solar outhouse amenities are provided on the island amid this wildlife preserve. Use both experiences on that island cohabitating with the nesting seagulls and being remotely connected to the mainland through technology as a metaphor for your own remote understanding of culture and civilization.  The contrasts between urban life and nature will bring about sporadic relationship to the self as you become one with the gulls.  

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